Blaxx planning virtual concert

Dexter "Blaxx" Stewart. - Marshelle Haseley

Soca singer Dexter “Blaxx” Stewart said his fans can look forward to a constant flow of music from him throughout 2021. He said he’s also planning a virtual concert for a date to be decided.

“I have a fan base to please, and even with the coronavirus around, I have them to please. My fans are very important to me and so I’ll be releasing new music soon.

The singer, who was discharged from hospital in November after being admitted for lung and kidney issues, said he was doing well.

Stewart said the concert will be the third in the Harmony series, which he began in 2019, and will be called Harmony 3: One Nation.

“We’re still in the planning stages. There’s a lot of work to be put into the type of concert I want to put on, in terms of the quality and the music. We’re still discussing the format it will take as well.”

He said while covid19 was an unforeseen circumstance, he felt entertainers would be able to roll with the punches while following the law of the land. He said the pandemic had given people the time to reflect on life.

Stewart also said planning for a virtual Carnival should have been started months ago.

“Planning for a virtual Carnival is a lot of work and I don’t think we’re prepared to do it. It can’t be done now – it needed to have been planning for the last seven months. If we cared about the art form, we would have been planning months ago, but Trinis like to take things for granted.”

Stewart said he hoped things will get to a new normal and Carnival will be able to resume soon.


"Blaxx planning virtual concert"

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