Sales slow in Chaguanas for Xmas

Street vendors pack the pavement in Chaguanas. - Marvin Hamilton
Street vendors pack the pavement in Chaguanas. - Marvin Hamilton

BUSINESS owners in Chaguanas have reported a decrease in sales for this year's Christmas. They say it is the worst they have ever experienced.

The main streets were buzzing with people, but many of them were not buying.

Business owners said it was the first time they had to beg customers to buy items.

“I am still in shock. We expected sales to be slow but definitely not this slow,” said worker Kazim Ali at Amaaz Variety Store.

He said he has been at the store for over ten years.

“During this time, most of the items would be sold out. Now there are few people coming into the stores. They are only buying items they need.”

Nearby at Jankie’s Jewelry, manager Nirmala Boodram said sales were nothing compared to last year and previous years.

Some people browse through the toys lane at Shoppers Freezone in Chaguanas on Tuesday. - Marvin Hamilton

“People are coming in one by one and some with families. A lot of people are asking for discounts as well.”

Boodram said she hopes that sales pick up in these last few days.

“I mean it may sound like a miracle at this point, but many customers like the last-minute rush. So we are hoping by tomorrow sales may pick up.”

At Shoppers Freezone, supervisor Linda Anmolsingh said most business places were in the process of trying to adjust to the new normal as sales were slow.

“Due to the state of the economy and the pandemic, we know that a lot of people lost their jobs so not many people are buying.”

The scene on Tuesday morning on the Chaguanas main road. - Marvin Hamilton


"Sales slow in Chaguanas for Xmas"

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