Updated: Kidnapped woman dropped off near Diego Martin supermarket

FOUND: Yaseem
FOUND: Yaseem "Jasmin" Kadir. -

YASEEM "Jasmin" Kadir, the 62-year-old woman who relatives reported kidnapped and held for ransom, has been found.

At about 11 am, she walked into the West End police station and told investigators her kidnappers had earlier dropped her off near West Bees Supermarket in Diego Martin. She alerted a passerby who helped her to get to the police station.

Police took her to seek medical attention, and she appears to be in good health, police said. Police are still trying to ascertain the circumstances of her disappearance. They said as far as they were aware, no ransom was paid. Chaguanas and Anti-Kidnapping Unit police were expected to interview her.

Earlier in the day, a male relative said he was praying for her safe return. "She is still with the police. We don’t have any information," the relative said on learning she was found.

Kadir, a mother of two, lives at Charlieville in Chaguanas. Reports are a man called a relative in Tobago late Monday night, demanding $450,000 for her safe release.

On Tuesday afternoon, worried relatives reported what had happened at the Chaguanas police station. Kadir, a security officer with Guardsman Security, works at Oasis Gardens in Endeavour but changes locations from time to time.

She left home on Sunday morning for work. Colleagues last saw her at Main Road, near Busy Corner in Chaguanas, where a taxi dropped her off. She was wearing her uniform.


"Updated: Kidnapped woman dropped off near Diego Martin supermarket"

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