No leads on newborn abandoned in Freeport

File photo.
File photo.

With no leads on the identity of the abandoned baby found in Freeport two weeks ago, investigators are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

Up to Friday, the baby girl remained in the State’s care at the San Fernando General Hospital.

She appears to be in good health, police said.

A Central Division officer said, "No one came forward to claim the baby. We still do not know who her mother or father is. We do not know who dropped the baby there. As far as I am aware, no one came to any station in this division to report a baby girl taken or missing.

" So it appears the person who left her in the bushes, mostly likely is the mother. We want people with information to come forward."

On November 19, people nearby heard the baby’s cries and contacted police.

Officers from the community relations department of the Central Division rescued the crying baby at Beaucarro Junction, near the Southern Main Road in Freeport.

The girl, believed to be a few weeks old, was in a bushy area near a bus shed. She was wearing a pink onesie with matching socks. and there was a multi-coloured blanket nearby.

Anyone with information on her can contact the nearest police station or Freeport police at 673-0026.


"No leads on newborn abandoned in Freeport"

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