Moov TT starts PoS delivery service with a difference

Delivery company MOOV launched its electric tricycle named Calypso on Friday at the courtyard NAPA, Port of Spain with CEO Nyssa Pierre.  - Jeff Mayers
Delivery company MOOV launched its electric tricycle named Calypso on Friday at the courtyard NAPA, Port of Spain with CEO Nyssa Pierre. - Jeff Mayers

Nyssa Pierre, founder of Moov TT –an environmentally friendly courier – has launched the country’s first electric tricycle, called Calypso.

Calypso isn’t only environmentally-friendly, it’s also convenient and affordable.

For as little as $30 it can be booked online at for deliveries within Port of Spain and environs.

Pierre explained, “It operates at a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour, well within the speed limit of Port of Spain, and we look forward to moving your goods around."

It doesn’t require a special charging outlet and can be plugged into any 110 volts outlets available at home.

Moov TT also offers nationwide delivery and courier services, using only hybrid vehicles.

During a short launch on Friday morning at the National Academy for the Performing Arts, Pierre said despite minor challenges she is excited to bring this new method of delivering small goods and packages in a clean and green way.

Port of Spain mayor Joel Martinez in the passenger seat of the electric tricycle Calypso with MOOV CEO Nyssa Pierre at the launch on Friday at the courtyard NAPA, Port of Spain - Jeff Mayers

She boasted the tricycle is the first of its kind to operate in Trinidad and Tobago and in the Caribbean. She told Newsday there is already a growing demand for its service, and she believes this new mode of transport will revolutionise the way delivery is done.

“The first thing is, it’s eye-catching – a lot of people have never seen anything like it, unless you have been to Europe or Asia. It’s never been here, so people are shocked to see it.

"But now that we have properly branded it, people can understand what it’s here for. It's clean in terms of electricity, and I know environmentally friendly is what a lot of people are keen on.

“We only launched the website today, but we have been doing deliveries with Calypso, two of which are being done today and some on the weekend. But now the website is officially launched people can select day and time to have their delivery done. Anyone can book, but our real goal is to help and small and medium businesses develop. Some of them have already reached out to us and are already doing business with us. Now that we have launched I can only imagine how many will reach out and trust us to do their deliveries.”

She hopes this move will encourage other courier services to invest in environmentally-friendly ways of doing business.

At the launch was Port of Spain mayor Joel Martinez, who welcomed the idea of an environmentally friendly means of transport. After trying a short ride around NAPA’s carpark, he told the media the city corporation has plans to use Calypso’s service.

He said, “We want the service to work because we like innovation. It allows us to see things from a different perspective and it’s quite adaptable to our roads. It’s quite cute and I enjoyed the short ride.”


"Moov TT starts PoS delivery service with a difference"

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