Chaguanas neighbours fear missing pensioner was abducted

 - Marvin Hamilton
- Marvin Hamilton

RESIDENTS of Gaston Street in Chaguanas have described the mysterious disappearance of 75-year-old Irwin Frederick as disturbing and frightening. Many of them suspect Frederick may have been abducted.

Frederick has been missing for the past seven days and police who visited his home discovered an empty house with all his furniture and appliances missing.

Only his five dogs were at the house. Relatives have been feeding them for the last few days.

A police report said Frederick was last seen at home last Tuesday night by neighbours.

The relatives of missing pensioner of Gaston Street, fed his dogs at his Caroni Savannah Road, Chaguanas home, Irwin Fredrick, 75 who is missing was last seen feeding the dogs on Tueday morning. - Marvin Hamilton

“Whenever you look across at Frederick’s house, he is feeding his dogs or playing with them. He loved his dogs dearly and would not part with them." said one resident. "I heard him say once that if he had to do without a meal and he had to give his dogs, he will. That is the kind of man he is. He shared a special bond with his dogs.

"So to hear now that he is gone just like that and his dogs are still there, something is wrong.”

A tearful resident said he grew up in the community as a boy and Frederick had always been well respected by everyone.

"We know him as ‘Uncle Boyie.'

"I really think that someone broke into the house and has him. This is so scary.”

On Wednesday morning, relatives who went to the house to drop off breakfast, as they were accustomed to doing, discovered he was missing.

Frederick’s niece Carmilli Frederick said the windows and a door were open and she assumed her uncle might have stepped out. When she went to check on her uncle later that he was not there.

Chaguanas police said investigations continue but they have no leads.


"Chaguanas neighbours fear missing pensioner was abducted"

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