4 lawyers suspended

FOUR lawyers have been suspended from practising law in TT.

A notice in the TT Gazette, dated November 23, and published on Monday, announced that the four had been suspended because they had not complied with the orders of the disciplinary committee of the Law Association.

They have been suspended until they comply with the orders.

The four are: Jason Jackson, Kwekiu Wilson, Winston Hyatali and Kathy-Ann Mottley.

The notice said entries were made on the roll of attorneys that the four were suspended from practice and during their suspension, no practising certificate will be issued to them. Any certificate that had been issued ceases to be valid.

One of the suspended attorneys was ordered to be committed to prison for twice failing to repay money to a former client. But she eventually paid the full sum and was spared jail.

Another was charged with possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking, although it is not certain if this was related to the suspension.


"4 lawyers suspended"

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