Young: TT was not summoned

Minister of Energy and Energy Industries Stuart Young
Minister of Energy and Energy Industries Stuart Young

NATIONAL Security Minister Stuart Young rejected UNC allegations that TT was summoned to a meeting with Venezuela and there is only one Coast Guard vessel patrolling TT’s maritime borders. Young said there will be no second registration of Venezuelan nationals who are currently in this country. He dealt with all of these issues in the House of Representatives on Friday.

Recalling that he met months ago with his Venezuelan counterpart Nestor Reverol on mutual security issues, Young said he will meet virtually soon with Reverol to continue those discussions. He disclosed that Government received a diplomatic note from the Venezuelan authorities requesting such a meeting.

Observing the UNC maintains an obssession with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Venezuelan politician Juan Guaido, Young declared, “This government does things on principle. What is the applicable principle? We follow the UN Charter to the tee.”

He explained the Charter required a recognition of the elected government. Young quipped, “For months, you heard those on the other side screaming for the fellow who lost on November 3. That is other election they lost.”

During debate on a private motion by Barataria/San Juan MP Saddam Hosein, Young debunked Hosein’s allegation that a media report proved the Coast Guard has only one operational vessel. He wondered whether the UNC was trying to expose what they perceive to be a weakness.

“Is it because there are ties with the human traffickers? Is that what they’re trying to promote?” On 12 vessels purchased from Dutch shipbuilder Damen under the former PP government, Young said Damen is reluctant to send any of its personnel to TT to address any maintenance issues with some of those vessels because of the pandemic. He disclosed that he will call in the Dutch Ambassador next week for a meeting to discuss the matter.

On the delivery of two Cape Class vessels from Australian shipbuilder Austal to the Coast Guard, Young said Austal has invoked “certain force majeure clauses and requested a variation of the delivery date.” The vessels, Young continued, will be delivered in 2021 and not later this year as originally planned.

He explained this development was as a result of disruptions in global supply chains because of covid19. He declined to respond to demands from Hosein for a specific arrival date for the vessels.


"Young: TT was not summoned"

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