Two Tobago families evacuated after landslides

Tobago Emergency Management Agency director Allan Stewart  -
Tobago Emergency Management Agency director Allan Stewart -

Two families in Tobago East had to be evacuated after heavy rainfall on Friday morning.

Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) director Allan Stewart told Newsday, the agency received eight distress reports, five of which presented immediate danger.

He said, “In the Parlatuvier area, we had a residential landslide that we deemed to be very, very serious that is threatening a house. There is a progressive landslide that keeps coming down at the back of the house. So, at this stage, the debris of the landslide is resting on the wooden structure of the house and based on the assessment by the DIQE (Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment) and other agencies, it is deemed to be one where it is unsafe for the occupants to remain in the premises.”

He said people living in a neighbouring house also had to be evacuated.

The occupants of both houses, including five children, “will stay with family members until the Social Services may be able to meet with them to decide how things may go based on their situation.”

Other distress reports included a road blocked after a landslide in Windsor, Delaford, a landslide in Craighall, Moriah and a residential problem in Top Hill, Pembroke.

He said there were also fallen trees and fallen utility poles.

“We are asking residents especially on the Windward Road and also the Northside Road to exercise due care and attention and to be very cautious. The slopes are very unstable and as a result of that, you can always have, even without rainfall, additional land slippage.”

This rainfall was due to a low-level trough which could offer more rain.

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA), in a press release, said the heavy rainfall has affected operations at several of its water treatment plants resulting in the shutdown of those facilities.

It said: “This is due to issues such as turbid river conditions, siltation, mechanical and electrical problems affecting the Arnos Vale Well #4, Highlands Road Water Treatment Plant, Hillsborough West Water Treatment Plant, Richmond Water Treatment Plant and the Bloody Bay Water Treatment Plant.”

Additionally, it said some of the areas affected includes Les Coteaux, Castara to L’Anse Fourmi, Goodwood to Charlotteville, Highlands Road, Mason Hall, Bacolet, John Dial, Pump Mill, Darrel Spring, Hope and Blenheim.

“Customers are advised that after the facilities are returned to service, it may take up to eight hours for the service to normalise to some affected areas, in accordance with pipe-borne water supply schedules,” the release said.

It also added that a limited truck-borne service will be available with priority to health institutions, government agencies and homes for the aged.


"Two Tobago families evacuated after landslides"

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