Stop big farce, PM

THE EDITOR: I would like some intrepid reporter to investigate the "hidden beneficiaries" of the forced quarantining of returning nationals, because it just doesn't make sense to me. We know it has nothing to do with health. But, as the saying goes, follow the money and you'll get your answer.

Now returning nationals all have to have negative covid19 tests before boarding the plane. So you think they got covid19 from the airline crew? If you ask me, the plane is the safest place to be, far safer than going out in public.

It's good that some people, like caterers, get some work, but I'll bet it's only those who are well-known to the various front-line ministers or party people. I guarantee it didn't go out to tender, it was just corporation sole-tendering.

Meanwhile, the PM continues to beg the hapless poor, and people "ketching dey nenen," to hold strain, while the big boys live it up without any restrictions.

How many of those returning on CAL flights have died from covid19? None? So what is the danger in letting them go home straight from the airport? They might have covid19? So what? So might you or I but we're not being "imprisoned" at the State's expense. Would be nice, though.

To me, having had a negative covid19 test, they are probably safer than the people they're going home to.

So please, PM, stop this ridiculous farce and stop quarantining people with negative covid19 tests.


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"Stop big farce, PM"

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