Griffith, Nakhid must sort out differences

THE EDITOR: I have know Gary Griffith for 13 years and continuously marvel at his intelligence, knowledge, energy, enthusiasm and determination to make a success of the hardest job in the country.

I have met and had a chat with David Nakhid once and also found him to be blessed with all of the same positive attributes.

In a perfect world, these two men’s interactions would produce a dynamic synergy of ideas, strategies and action plans, overflowing with positive benefits for the nation. Yet, the reality is that they have taken to insulting each other back and forth, taking their relationship downward in a steep spiral.

At this most challenging time in our nation’s history, it is imperative that our most talented and energetic citizens find a way to work together in a spirit of togetherness and goodwill.

So with this in mind we can only hope that a suitable elder statesman, who is a friend to both of these men, can get them to sit down together over a cooling beverage or two with a view to sorting out their differences for the good of TT.




"Griffith, Nakhid must sort out differences"

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