Young on deported Venezuelans: 'I understand the emotion...but law must prevail'

Minister of Energy and Energy Industries Stuart Young
Minister of Energy and Energy Industries Stuart Young

NATIONAL SECURITY Minister Stuart Young has said while he understands the emotion surrounding the illegal deportation of Venezuelans, laws are in place to protect those in the country.

Speaking at a media briefing on Tuesday, Young said: “I understand the emotion and how people try to manipulate the situation.

"It is not up to anyone to change the law to suit their feelings. This government has always approached non-national migration with a balance that includes the humanitarian aspect. The government can’t be accused of treating migration issues without a humanitarian pillar.”

He reminded citizens that the borders of Trinidad and Tobago are closed, and have been since March 22, to both nationals and non-nationals.

The government since 2015 has operated within the law of TT and government policy, he said. The applicable laws are immigration laws, health regulations and government policy “and persons must respect the law and abide by the law.”

Disregard of the law could lead to anarchy, he said.

“Our policy has always been to protect its citizens and those here legally. The issues we are dealing with (are) illegal migration and breaching of the borders. Who decides that other persons can break our borders, illegally enter our borders and jeopardise our citizens?

He added that at a national security level he has more knowledge about human trafficking taking place.

On Sunday night, Justice Avason Quinlan-Williams ordered the Chief of Defence Staff to produce a group of 16 children and nine women on Monday, in a writ of habeas corpus filed on their behalf.

This came after the children and women were put in two unregistered boasts and escorted out of TT waters by the Coast Guard.

The group returned to Trinidad and landed at Los Iros on Tuesday afternoon, a short while before Young addressed the media.

In this file photo, a Lacourt company ship took Venezuelans back to their country. - Grevic Alvarado


"Young on deported Venezuelans: ‘I understand the emotion…but law must prevail’"

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