Angostura helps bartenders find new ways to use skills

A snapshot of speakers who took part in Angostura's webinar, House Call, for bartenders earlier this month.
A snapshot of speakers who took part in Angostura's webinar, House Call, for bartenders earlier this month. -

The House of Angostura has been supporting local bartenders whose livelihoods have been affected by the closure and reduced operations of bars because of covid19 restrictions.

It held a three-day webinar earlier this month to help bartenders learn how to adapt to changes in the beverages sector. The webinar – House Call – took place on November 5, 6 and 9 and included TT Beverage Alliance Association president Dr Patrick Antoine, TT Hotel and Tourism Institute educator and mixologist Raakesh Madoo, pyschologist Linda Gunpath, of Elder and Associates Ltd and Angostura educator and mixologist Raymond Edwards.

"This interactive webinar series was developed to equip bartenders with a broad spectrum of support information and outreach resources that could help them through these unprecedented times, and throughout life as a whole," Angostura said in a release.

Each speaker provide bartenders with information that enabled them to: explore new ways to pivot and find new ways to leverage opportunities on the digital landscape to better utilise their skills to earn revenue; better manage their finances; recognise and address mental health issues which may be affecting them, and other valuable life building skills.

“The beverages sector is at the epicentre of hundreds of small and large bars and restaurants across the country and provides jobs for local bartenders, many of whom have suffered significantly from the need to curtail the spread of the virus by the closure of bars," said Angostura acting CEO Ian Forbes.

“This House Call webinar series is our way of providing support to bartenders across the country as The House of Angostura continues to recognise the valuable service bartenders provide to Trinidad and Tobago. We have no doubt that the industry will be restored in good time to its sustained viability.”

As the implications surrounding the pandemic continue to evolve, Angostura said it remains committed to doing its part to ensure the continued viability of the beverages sector and its stakeholders.


"Angostura helps bartenders find new ways to use skills"

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