Democracy gone to pot?

THE EDITOR: Something has gone wrong with democracy. This is noticeable in several countries, such as Thailand, the US, Belarus and the UK.

Thailand is in turmoil and is now ruled from Germany by what appears to be a dictator.

The US is still under the control of a nut-case president, who, despite losing the recent presidential election, has refused to concede.

In Belarus there is a battle to dispense with the leader who is said to be a dictator and who has the support of Russia.

In the UK there is now no seriousness about the political administration as it is led by a clone of Donald Trump and his brigade of undesirables.

All in all these leaders have thrown the democratic principles and procedures out the window and run their nations as dictatorships. The indicators suggest that democracy has gone to pot – and the battle to return to its principles is on.


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"Democracy gone to pot?"

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