An end now in sight for Trump

THE EDITOR: Mercifully, there now seems to be an end coming for the Donald Trump administration in the US. For four long years the world has grown used to American political leadership that prefers conspiracy theories over facts, magical thinking over science and the delegitimising of political opponents over substantive and responsible governance.

Even those fiercely loyal to Trump admit that he has no appetite for reading briefs of any kind, which means he has to theorise without digesting a proper dose of data. In such a deluded environment he then has no choice but to twist facts to suit theories, instead of the reverse.

Naturally, arising from this wholly untenable situation is the fact that the leader peddles one untruthful premise after another on an hourly basis, which has now caused lying to become the number one growth industry in America today.

The best example of this is that 86 per cent of Republicans believe there was widespread voter fraud in the presidential election without any substantive evidence to back up the President’s claim.




"An end now in sight for Trump"

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