Solve vagrant problem first

THE EDITOR: Firstly, I commend the Prime Minister and his Cabinet for their plan to revitalise the capital city. God knows it's badly needed.

However, I must point out that it's a bit like putting the cart before the horse, meaning that the vagrants (forgive me, homeless people) problem should be addressed first. Maybe there is a plan for them but I am yet to hear of it.

This is a problem that has been getting worse year after year and being ignored by those in authority. Maybe the governments over the years have had no idea how to deal with it, but surely the first thing to do, to my mind, is to seek advice from First World countries that do.

There is no shame in admitting that you do not know how to deal with a problem, especially one as ticklish as this, but there must be a solution and it has to be dealt with if you want to progress.

What good is spending millions of dollars to revitalise Port of Spain and still have poor, unfortunate, homeless people sleeping on the newly refurbished sidewalks and urinating and defecating as is the present norm? And, worse, to see some walking around in all of their glorious nudity.

It is time to stop sweeping this problem under the rug and deal with it.




"Solve vagrant problem first"

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