Search continues for mother of abandoned baby

Police are calling on the public to help find the mother of the baby who was abandoned in some bushes at Beaucarro Junction, Freeport, on Thursday.

Up to Friday, police investigators were unable to get any information regarding the mother's or father's whereabouts or identities.

The police assured that the child is hospitalised in good health, and "is being taken care of by the State."

Two villagers found the baby girl lying on her back in some bushes around 11 am near the Southern Main Road and called the police. The newborn was wearing a pink outfit and matching socks.

The EHS personnel and police, among them WPC Cuffy-Joseph and PCs Ramnath and Mohit, responded. The baby was taken to the Couva Health Centre for a checkup.

Newsday revisited the community on Friday, and residents said no one in the area had information about the mother.

"Maybe the person who dumped the baby is not from this area. They found the baby close to the Southern Main Road, so anyone passing could have done it," said an elderly lady.

Another resident said he learned of the incident on the news.

"It came as a shock. We have no other information. We only know what we saw on the news."

People with information can call the Freeport police at 673-0026 or report it via the TTPS App.

They can also police at 999, 555, 911, 800-TIPS, or text/WhatsApp the Police Commissioner at 482-GARY.


"Search continues for mother of abandoned baby"

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