Positive news from NCRHA

THE EDITOR: Don’t you just love positive news? That’s how I felt when I read that the North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) is providing mental health check-ups for our front line medical staff who have been on covid19 duty since March. That’s just what an employer should be providing for their employees.

The service is being made available for other non-medical staff – janitors, orderlies, etc – who must surely be similarly affected.

Unfortunately, after so many months, we humans seem to be now thinking of the covid19 patients as numbers, but in the hospitals they are just humans in need of care. I wonder if there are arrangements for video goodbyes, or messages that can be sent to the families of those who do not survive?

So with gratitude to our healthcare workers, I commend the NCRHA for its outreach. So, are the other RHAs doing the same?

As I have been doing for months, I remind members of Parliament that the procurement legislation is needed now.


St Joseph


"Positive news from NCRHA"

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