Browne-John: Decision to postpone T20 World Cup best

WEST Indies Women’s lead selector Ann Browne-John agrees with the International Cricket Council’s decision to postpone the 2022 Women’s World T20 tournament to 2023 in an effort to relax the workload in 2022.

If the 2022 T20 World Cup was not postponed three women’s tournaments would have been held in 2022.

The South Africa World T20 tournament was set for November 2022, but will now take place in February 2023.

The 50-Over Women’s World Cup in New Zealand was postponed from February/March 2021 to early 2022 because of covid19.

In July/August 2022 women’s T20 will debut at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

“I saw the decision today and I could understand the rationale for it because with the covid19 everything has been pushed back…I think it is a good decision. I understand it and I think it will be something that the players will gladly accept,” Browne-John said.

Asked if having three tournaments in one year would have affected the standard of the cricket, Browne-John said, “I would not necessarily say that because once players go to a tournament they would play to the best of their ability, but I think that staggering the tournaments (will) give them enough time between each tournament to recover and then go on to the following tournament.”


"Browne-John: Decision to postpone T20 World Cup best"

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