Despite pandemic challenges, Erphaan Alves still Grateful

Erphaan Alves during his performance at Prestige X Fete in February. -
Erphaan Alves during his performance at Prestige X Fete in February. -


TO celebrate a year like no other, soca artiste Erphaan Alves intends to put on a show like no other with his virtual Grateful concert this Sunday.

The concert which is held every November 22, will be a two-fold celebration as it marks the end of Alves’ year of performances and his 29th birthday.

As the pandemic continues soca artiste Erphaan Alves hopes to use his musical talents to bring his fans closer together with the Grateful virtual concert on November 22. PHOTO COURTESY ERPHAAN ALVES -

Alves told Newsday despite changes in the format and presentation owing to the covid19 pandemic, fans can still look forward to the fast-paced performances and dazzling visuals for which he is known.

He also said this year’s concert has special significance to him, as he hopes to use his ability as an artiste to soothe pandemic tensions while bringing fans closer together from the comfort of their own homes.

“The idea for the concert is to serve as a coping mechanism so fans can function despite all the stress they faced during this year.

“If there’s anything I can do to help ease those tensions. I keep them in mind and want to celebrate with them. This isn’t another regular event for me, this is the EA Grateful event."

The performance will be streamed live on TTT, Digicel’s D’Music app and the website from 7.30 pm on Sunday.

Despite being a seasoned performer both at home and abroad, this is Alves first attempt at a virtual concert and he admitted that it has been hard work producing an immersive concert experience.

He said while nothing could replace the atmosphere and thrill of an “in-person” event, he hoped to deliver a quality show to his fans.

“This was almost as strenuous as producing a physical, in-person event. The only thing we didn’t have to deal with was ticket sales, but we still had to go through the regular procedure of sponsors, musicians, venue and visual concept.

“All we have to offer is our sound and sight since the in-person concert experience isn’t there, so we have to ensure we provide the best quality of performances.”

Soca artiste Erphaan Alves shows off a t-shirt that will be available on his website on November 22 with his Grateful virtual concert. PHOTO COURTESY ERPHAAN ALVES -

Alves also said while he wanted to keep the different styles of performances a surprise for viewers, he revealed Sunday’s show will feature an acoustic segment.

“They can expect to see me in a very dynamic light doing stuff I have never done before live onstage, as well as some songs will be full and others will be semi-acoustic.”

Sunday’s concert will also serve as the launch for his official brand of merchandise available on his website for order.

While the concert will be streamed for free, Alves said viewers are encouraged to make contributions via text to donate and a GoFundMe account which will be set up to accept donations.

All proceeds he said will be donated to the music fund of St George’s College in Barataria.

Erphaan Alves - Photo by Angelo Marcelle


"Despite pandemic challenges, Erphaan Alves still Grateful"

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