Children’s Authority: Public must defend the rights of children

As the world observes Children's Day on Friday, the Children’s Authority has called on the public “to reimagine a better future for every child.”

It said in a media release, children’s rights and greater understanding of it is needed and, as such, the authority has partnered with other key stakeholders to raise awareness.

One way of doing such it said was through awareness among children about their rights and responsibilities, via sensitisations in schools and via social media.

The authority said, “It is the human right of every child to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment that is free from abuse, exploitation, harassment or neglect.

"However, this is not the reality in TT, as the authority continues to receive over 4,000 cases of abuse every year and children continue to be abused by those whom they trust.”

The authority noted that data collected from its hotline continued to show sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect, as the top three types of abuse experienced by children.

The authority explained that, “Since the start of covid19 in March, there has been a growing number of children who are lacking care and guardianship, being emotionally abused and in need of supervision.

“Therefore, on World Children’s Day, the authority is urging the national community to pledge to put the safety of children first and to join all stakeholders as it seeks “to defend and support child rights and make child protection everybody’s business.”

The Children's Authority will also be holding a Facebook live discussion next Wednesday to further hear views on the matter of child rights. It has been scheduled to start at 5 pm.

Earlier this year it also hosted a children’s art competition as part of its efforts to give children an opportunity to share their views on child rights.

The Children's Authority is also reminding the public that concerns about a child’s safety can be reported to the police at 999, the children’s authority at 996 or ChildLine at 131.


"Children’s Authority: Public must defend the rights of children"

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