UNC MPs: Party has future under Kamla

Kamla Persad-Bissessar -
Kamla Persad-Bissessar -

SOME UNC MPs on Wednesday came to party leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar's defence, rejecting party founder Basdeo Panday's assertion that the UNC has no future under her.

On Tuesday, Panday said the UNC was doomed under Persad-Bissessar or her sole rival for election as party leader, former minister Vasant Bharath.

The party's internal elections take place on December 6.

Oropouche West MP Dave Tancoo observed, "After his 10:1 loss to Mrs Persad-Bissessar in 2010, Mr Panday said Mrs Persad-Bissessar would not last six months in office and that the party would collapse. He was wrong on both counts."

Tancoo said Persad-Bissessar has celebrated ten years in office and the party's base has grown over 300 per cent. While Panday is entitled to his opinion, Tancoo said, "The fact is that over 309,000 citizens of this country disagreed with his opinion just a few months ago."

Princes Town MP Barry Padarath claimed Panday has lost his objectivity, in an effort to be a supportive parent (his daughter Mickela has a party of her own, the Patriotic Front)."Mr Panday is looking for a political space for his daughter. His comments has everything to do with that and nothing to do with the UNC."

Also, as former party leader, Pararath said, "It is time he gets over his tabanca and respects the will of the UNC membership who has chosen Kamla to lead them. There is no room for dynasty politics, but rather for hard work."

Padarath believed UNC members have no interest in Bharath. He alleged Bharath colluded with the PNM in the August 10 general election and held a series of public meetings to determine whether he should form his own party.

Chaguanas East MP Vandana Mohit said Panday's comment was unfortunate. While she respected him as a major contributor to society, Mohit said Persad-Bissessar has nurtured many young people within the UNC and they are working with her to take the party forward.

Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal, who expressed his support for Persad-Bissessar on Tuesday, scoffed at Panday's comment.

The UNC, he commented, "probably has a future under him."

Barataria/San Juan MP Saddam Hosein declared, "At this time, Mrs Persad-Bissessar is the right person to lead the UNC."

Hosein said he preferred to focus on issues such as public procurement legislation and the closure of four UTT campuses instead of Panday's comments.

On Tuesday, Panday observed, "The present UNC has no vision of the society. It doesn't know where it's going...I think once something genuine comes upon the scene, this thing that calls itself the UNC will die a natural death."

Panday opined that the Patriotic Front led by his daughter could be such a political entity.

On July 14, Mickela Panday announced the PF's withdrawal from the August 10 election, saying there was insufficient time to prepare and its campaign would begin after the election.


"UNC MPs: Party has future under Kamla"

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