Land dispute suspected in murders of Diego Martin father and son

Che Lewis  -
Che Lewis -

A dispute over land is believed to be the reason why a 54-year-old Diego Martin man and his 29-year-old son were shot dead at their home on Saturday night.

The victims are Adlai Lewis and Che Lewis of First Trace, Bagatelle.

The incident happened around 11.30 pm. Che was sleeping next to his six-year-old son, who was not harmed.

It was the second such tragedy to befall the family this year. On July 24, Che’s brother Abisaja John, 45, was shot dead at the family’s home. John was sleeping next to his five-year-old son when he was killed. The child escaped unhurt.

Nigel Daly, Che and John’s brother, told Newsday that police are working on a theory that the killings were linked to a dispute over property. Daly, however, does not believe that but has no idea why his family members are being killed.

Daly, who lives a street away but ownsof a piece of land near the house where his stepfather and brothers were killed, said he rarely visits the area. He said he was never told of anyone threatening the family or any reason why someone would want to shoot them.

“Police saying is family, they saying is land, but nobody here fighting for land. We have no cause to fight for land because everybody happy where they is.

“At the end of the day they saying is brother killed brother.

"None of us get over Abisaja killing as yet. I am not sure who or what caused this killing. Our family has been on that spot since 1981.”

Asked why he thinks someone would want to harm his siblings, Daly said, “Everyone used to go down good. I don't know how it switch as everyone get big.”

Daly described his stepfather as a “cool fella” who was humble, polite and soft-spoken. He said, even with his quiet demeanour no one knows what he must have been capable of “on the flip side.”

His brother, he said, was a bit hot-tempered, but not to the point that he thinks someone would want him dead.

Adlai was a straightener and painter and his son Che was a mechanic.

When Newsday visited the home, those who has taken their cars there to be repaired were securing them and some were being removed.


"Land dispute suspected in murders of Diego Martin father and son"

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