Tobago Forwards: Opposition unity in Tobago's interest

Tobago Forwards leader pastor Terance Baynes  -
Tobago Forwards leader pastor Terance Baynes -

The Tobago Forwards executive has backed its political leader Terrence Baynes who was announced as a candidate for the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) in the upcoming Tobago House of Assembly election in 2021.

Baynes was selected to contest the Bethel/Mt Irvine electoral district. The announcement was made on Monday during the PDP's launch of its candidates for all 12 electoral districts.

A release from Tobago Forwards on Tuesday said the move "is in the best interest of Tobago’s development and will further strengthen the efforts of harnessing our pluripotential energies into a single dynamic voice."

The party said it has no intention of contesting the election but is focused on building a "unity platform which recognises our core and common principles of self-determination for the people of Tobago and the sustainable development of the island, while maintaining the island’s identity, promoting national unity and Caribbean socio-economic integration."

Tobago Forwards said it is drawn to the call to promote "participation at all levels of decision making with extraordinary inclusion of the youth voice, as the foundation for participatory democracy and people empowerment."

This goal also includes building integrity and competence whilst ensuring the development of Tobago, its people. culture and natural resources.

The party said its internal machinery has been put on hold but urged all Tobago Forwards supporters to vote for the PDP in the THA election.

"Our collective voice is Tobago’s victory."

The executive added, "We hold firm to the belief that the island’s future is imperilled by continued dependence on non-aligned ideologies from outside of the island’s economic and geopolitical space and assert that much capacity lies in the collective consciousness that encompasses the Tobago identity."


"Tobago Forwards: Opposition unity in Tobago’s interest"

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