PTSC Executive buses start running between Arima, PoS

Some of the buses which will be used for the Executive Deluxe Coach Service from Arima to Port of Spain. - ROGER JACOB
Some of the buses which will be used for the Executive Deluxe Coach Service from Arima to Port of Spain. - ROGER JACOB

THE Public Transport Service Corporation’s (PTSC) line of Executive Deluxe Coach Service (EDCS) buses began operating along the Arima to Port of Spain route on Monday.

The service, which has three buses, was launched on November 4, but passengers boarded the EDCS for its first trip at 6.30 am from the Arima Transit Mall.

The maiden trip’s first passengers to Port of Spain included Minister of Housing and Arima MP Pennelope Beckles and mayor of Arima Cagney Casimire.

The buses will run between Arima and Port of Spain. A shuttle is available to transport passengers to the EDCS lounge at Arima Transit Mall from the Arima Hospital and the Arima bus lay-by, near the Velodrome.

A release from the PTSC on Monday said the coach service is designed to transport “mainly working professionals” and runs from 5-8am from Arima and 3-6pm from Port of Spain, with stops in Curepe and San Juan. The buses are equipped with free Wi-Fi and cost $10 per ticket.

Casimire said he was most impressed with the availability of the shuttle, which takes passengers from the heart of Arima to the EDCS lounge.

“I like the direction in which (PTSC) is going with regard to (developing) a smart city.” He said because the bus has Wi-Fi, it complements these plans.

He said the shuttle service is also convenient for those visiting friends and relatives in the new Arima hospital.

“Anyone who has to visit the Arima hospital can take the bus from Port of Spain, then take the shuttle straight to the hospital.” He said he has been assured that the shuttle service will operate for other services provided by the PTSC in the long term.

Casimire also said the borough has already begun laying down infrastructure to develop the area technologically. “What we are doing at the Arima bus lay-by now is implementing the infrastructure for Wi-Fi.

“The national provision of services through the Ministry of Public Administration has two areas in Arima for national Wi-Fi: that’s by the bus lay-by and the Arima Dial.”

He said the shuttle provides availability, access, convenience, and affordability to the people of Arima.


"PTSC Executive buses start running between Arima, PoS"

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