Valencia man killed in accident

A 25-year-old Valencia man died on Wednesday afternoon after he was struck on the head by a dump truck mirror.

According to police reports, around 5.45 pm, Prakash Surat of Prune Trace, Valencia, was in the open tray of a Kia pickup when the van sideswiped a dump truck. Police said the vehicle Surat was in was heading east along the Valencia Old Road when, on reaching Clarence Trace, the pickup swerved into the opposite lane into the path of a dump truck and sideswiped it.

The 40-year-old driver of the dump truck told police he heard and felt a thud on his right side-view mirror. After stopping he saw Surat in the road bleeding.

A video of relatives crying over Surat's body was shared on social media on Wednesday night.

Cpl Garcia of the Valencia Police Post is continuing investigations.


"Valencia man killed in accident"

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