Minshall posts Instagram commentary on 'Coronation of a President'

Peter Minshall. -
Peter Minshall. -

Artist and masman Peter Minshall is making strong statements about the US presidential election being held today.

On Saturday Minshall posted on Instagram a video called The Coronation of a President, with the "Corona" in "Coronation" in red. He used images from Kinetic Mas’s Mas Pieta – which he designed – to creatively criticise US president Donald Trump’s handling of several issues, among them the covid19 pandemic.

Mas Pieta was this year’s winner of the Large Band and Overall Band of the Year categories. It was also Downtown Carnival Large Band of the Year.

A statement below the photo read, “This work came into being because of a shared need to do the right thing between Maria-Nigel-Minsh.”It listed Maria Nunes as the artist/photographer; Nigel Thompson as video artist/editor and Minshall as artist/masman. He said it was a vibrant collaboration.

The Instagram video that followed included text that read: “Power Corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The harbinger of death. Power. I own it all. I own the sky. I own everything, I own everyone, I am all powerful. Love. A sacred mandala. A heart of gold at its centre.

“I am the sky. I am everything. I am everyone. I am love. This fragile earth. A hummingbird’s wing hovering over Dante’s hell. Greed and lust for power rule us. Poison and pollution pervade us. Technology runs amok amongst us. Fire and flood ravage our world. Our world is at war with itself. The love of power versus the power of love.

“Pick a side. Say something. Do something. Do the right thing. Our whole world is in your hands. One world. One people. One love.”

The video consisted of juxtaposed images of the king and queen from Mas Pieta, The Love of Power and its queen The Power of Love.

The video also included a golden heart like the one which appeared at the centre of Mas Pieta’s queen.

Pictures of the earth and Trump's face also appear in the video. Tassa is played as the visuals move along and at the end Minshall says, "“One world. One people. One love.”

The video had been viewed 1,714 times on Monday at masmanminshall with some people commenting using the fire emoji, others simply saying,"Wow."

Soca artiste Machel Montano commented below Minshall’s first photo with the "100" emoji.

When Newsday contacted Minshall he said he did not wish to make a statement.


"Minshall posts Instagram commentary on 'Coronation of a President'"

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