Committee to review Patriotic’s proposal

The evaluation committee appointed by Cabinet to evaluate the request for proposals for the sale of the Pointe-a-Pierre refinery has been instructed by the Prime Minister to review the latest position of Patriotic Energies and Technologies Company and the government.

The instruction came two days after the October 31 deadline for the OWTU-owned company to submit its final proposal sent on Thursday last week. Government, on Saturday, rejected the proposal.

Energy Minister Franklin Khan said the proposal did not address outstanding issues which could lead to an agreement.

On Sunday, OWTU president general Ancel Roget called on the government to reconstitute the committee to work with the company to thrash out the issues.

“We believe it is an opportune time that we can call back in that evaluation committee to evaluate the latest proposal,” Roget said.

“It will be an objective approach to look through thoroughly, all the responses.”

The committee comprises Vishnu Dhanpaul (chairman), Selwyn Lashley, Sahid Hosein, Sandra Fraser, Ian Welch, Joseph Remy, Dale Mc Cleod, Terrence Bharath and Arlene Chow.

The Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries, in a statement to the media on Monday said, “This examination and any subsequent recommendations...will be separate and apart from the work and determination of the Cabinet sub-committee which has also received the submissions.

“The comments and recommendations of the reconstituted evaluation committee will be submitted directly to the Cabinet.”

The exercise is to be completed and submitted to Cabinet by November 30.

Contacted for comment UNC public relations officer Anita Haynes said, "The Government continues it's nonsensical and haphazard approach in handling the country's billion dollar assets. What conversations and evaluations did they have before their press conference on Saturday? At this point it is another committee to carry on a pappyshow."

Calls to Roget were unsuccessful.


"Committee to review Patriotic’s proposal"

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