Rituals to spice up drinks with Angostura cocoa bitters

Angostura cocoa bitters on display at Angostura House during a product launch on July 29. PHOTO BY VIDYA THURAB -
Angostura cocoa bitters on display at Angostura House during a product launch on July 29. PHOTO BY VIDYA THURAB -

Angostura and Rituals have come together to add a dash of bitters to make Christmas sweeter.

The two iconic local brands have partnered to create special Christmas coffee concoctions featuring the renowned spirit house’s newest offering – cocoa bitters.

In a release Friday, Angostura announced that the collaboration will bring “exciting yuletide flavour” via two seasonal blends this holiday season: the iced cinnamon mocha and the holiday nog. The iced cinnamon mocha is a chocolatey coffee blend infused with cocoa bitters and sprinkled with cinnamon. It’s topped with whipped cream that also features cocoa bitters. The Holiday Nog is a warm, creamy eggnog enhanced with dashes of cocoa bitters, drizzled with caramel, and topped with more cocoa bitters whipped cream. Angostura launched cocoa bitters earlier this year.

“These creative Christmas speciality beverages embody the spirit of Angostura, which will bring festive flavour, quality and variety to people’s lives,” the company said. Angostura cocoa bitters is made using locally-sourced Trinitario cocoa nibs. Trinitario cocoa, the company noted, boasts a legendary history dating back to centuries and has earned international recognition as the world’s finest cocoa hybrid. It adds a sweet and elegantly balanced flavour to the bitters.

Angostura’s acting CEO Ian Forbes said the company was happy to partner with local coffee chain Rituals as a way to support local business, including the cocoa industry. “As one of the country’s leading exporters, we are seeing positive signs that Angostura cocoa bitters is establishing itself internationally. This can provide sustainable business opportunities for local cocoa farmers to nurture and grow their businesses, especially now, when there is a national thrust geared towards the development and diversification of our agricultural sector.”

Consumers who buy these new holiday special drinks will be showing support for the local cocoa industry, he added.

Mario Sabga Aboud, chairman of Rituals Coffee House, also added via the release that the company has always sought to define and shape its brand through unique taste profiles that favour the Caribbean palette, but with international appeal. “Partnering with Angostura and our local cocoa farmers to contribute to the sustainability of the cocoa sector, and to create a beverage taste experience that is uniquely Trinidad and Tobago is historic, and a journey that has brought fulfilment and pride thus far,” he said. Preliminary feedback was positive, he added. The Christmas drinks are now available at Rituals locations nationwide and will run through the end of the year. Angostura will also soon be launching another seasonal take on one of its classics – lemon, lime and bitters, or LLB – when it releases sorrel and bitters later this year.


"Rituals to spice up drinks with Angostura cocoa bitters"

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