Stress for businesses

THE EDITOR: It’s clear that covid19 has brought great challenges to countries worldwide. However, I seek to point out how the Government has unfairly treated local businesses.

Days before the general election, the Government approved retroactive pandemic leave for public servants (including temporary workers), obviously hoping to influence the election (an insult to all taxpayers). Most of these public servants were on an alternate work system (while receiving full salary).

Meanwhile many businesses did not survive.

More importantly, there are many people who applied for but never received the salary relief grant, even though they were eligible. Do workers not count if they aren’t employed by the Government?

It appeared also that some businesses were more equal than others in being allowed to remain open while doubles vendors were forced to close. Some people have claimed that was a subtle form of business warfare, with the one per cent using their influence to gain advantage.

It is obvious the Government doesn’t care much about 99 per cent businesses or their workers while doing anything to appease the union/labour movement. This approach has no place in modern society, especially in our current situation.

On the regulatory front, are the Ministry of Labour’s conciliation division, trade unions, and the Industrial Court going to continue unfairly treating employers in the aftermath of covid19? What is the new Minister of Labour’s direction going to be? Are employers going to be forced to pay for something they have no control over? Are unions actually going to be concerned about all employees’ well-being, not just the ones they represent?

Is the Government going to add insult to injury by implementing high property taxes and using businesses to make up revenue shortfalls, like governments have always done? It’s apparent that the No 1 thing that needs to be done is to reduce government spending and cut public service expenditure. But does the Government have the testicular fortitude to do this?

The Government, by its unwise decisions, has caused much stress and suffering. Will this thinking continue or will we rise to the challenge of covid19 by understanding that we must do things differently now?

It’s time the business community unites to ensure the sector is heard.


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"Stress for businesses"

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