Sacha Singh threatens to sue Sunshine Today newspaper

Businesswoman Sacha Singh
Businesswoman Sacha Singh

BUSINESSWOMAN Sacha Singh is demanding a retraction and apology from the Sunshine Today newspaper for a teaser of an article shared online on Monday, and published in the print version of the paper on Friday.

She has given the publishers of the paper 28 days in which to respond to her pre-action protocol letter, or she will start legal proceedings for libel.

Singh, owner of Celebrita Nails and Spa, and a marketing consultant, is represented by attorneys Larry Williams and Roshni Rajnarinesingh-Saith.

The article she complained of was circulated on social media.

Singh was featured on the front page of issue 126 of the Sunshine Today and the story was published on page three. Her attorneys complained that the online teaser, and the article, defamed and disparaged her on numerous grounds in her professional and personal life.

The pre-action letter said the Sunshine Today article contained “flagrant untruths.”

Singh’s lawyers also denied she had criminal charges against her in Florida. The letter also says the publication and the photographs used had directly affected Singh in her profession and private life and she has suffered considerable hurt, distress and embarrassment because of them.


"Sacha Singh threatens to sue Sunshine Today newspaper"

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