Trump Trinis and their woeful logic

THE EDITOR: Sadly they walk among us, these Donald Trump supporters, some of them recently lambasting Monsignor Christian Pereira's letter to the editor.

Others are using social media for their religious rants, like “ripping a full-term child from a mother's womb." (The word is foetus and I have never heard of a full-term abortion. That is murder.)

Truth be told, many may have no idea if their loved ones had an abortion in the past because heaven forbid if mummy and daddy found out they were pregnant and not married, or not dating their 'right' chosen one.

Have any of these people experienced rape? Have they or their family members been advised to terminate a dangerous pregnancy? Have any of them, especially the men, taken full responsibility for every pregnancy they were party to?

It's so easy to judge from a belly full of food, no?

The privileged in our country, more often than not, love to spout the most condescending opinions about these fatherless homes where children are left to themselves, are used for running drugs and guns, and fall prey to wicked characters, but once they themselves are assured of a place in Heaven by ticking off the boxes required, to hell with anyone else.

As for their acceptance of unchristian values, well! How do they accept the paying for prostitutes? Cheating on a few wives? Lying about having a charity and the money going directly in a man's pocket, now officially banned from ever having a charity in his name again. This didn't make them hesitate at all?

Did they miss that Trump University was made, by law, to pay back students who sued him for cheating them? Or maybe Trump boasting about grabbing women by their private parts is funny and him calling Mexicans rapists is simply OK!

What about his complete and callous lack of concern for children at the US border? Their incarceration in cages and the deliberate enforcement of policies that rip them from their families? No amount of support for the unborn can eclipse that.

It seems keeping Muslims out of the US gives them great Christian comfort though.

Perhaps Trump's boasting about being “smart” and not paying taxes to run the great US has not upset them? The fact he paid more in taxes to China than the US? Is that what they do to us here in TT?

Give me a break.

The world continues to watch on in horror at the shameful behaviour of this bully of a maskless president with his family of paid senior advisers.

How the mighty have fallen. That once mighty country limps into a pandemic-time election where more than 225,00 Americans have died.

And yes, I am angry. Furious that this election does not only affect the US. It will also have a huge impact globally. The ignoring of climate change, the embracing of Vladimir Putin and the missile makers, the flippant dismissal of covid19 deaths to suit this president’s narrative. Nothing about this is Christian. Everything about it reeks of “what's in it for me?"

At least these Trinidadian Trump supporters should be honest with themselves and not call God's name in vain. And look inside their hearts. Why do they support him with such reverence? I have a hunch and it's not nice.

Let every creed and race find an equal place and may God bless our nation.


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"Trump Trinis and their woeful logic"

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