Residents pleased with promised Bayshore, Marabella housing project

Residents of Bayshore, Marabella busy at work. - Lincoln Holder
Residents of Bayshore, Marabella busy at work. - Lincoln Holder

Residents of Marabella are pleased with the ongoing construction work to transform the community.

In July, MP for Fernando West and Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi, San Fernando mayor Junia Regrello and councillor Michael Johnson turned the sod for the Bayshore housing project.

One of the completed houses in Bayshore, Marabella. - Lincoln Holder

“Everything is progressing nicely. As you can see, people are working. Many of the workers are from the area, and there are different contractors,” said beneficiary Donna Scott-Cobham.

A worker cut steel as Bayshore, Marabella residents continue building homes as part of the Bayshore housing project launched in July by MP Faris Al-Rawi. - Lincoln Holder

The 57-year-old grandmother of ten has been living in the area since 1975. She said this project is the largest she ever saw for the community and praised, highly, Al-Rawi and Jennifer Marryshaw – a former councillor.

“We (residents) more than welcome this initiative. This project is a major plus for Bayshore. This is a major development. In the past, we got lights (electricity) and roads. At my age, I cannot go out there and buy a house,” Scott-Cobham said.

“For a former councillor and for someone who is not living in the area, Jennifer is still active. She is always here. During the lockdown, she and Faris’ office fed the people. We cannot say any bad about our MP or Jennifer.”

Scott-Cobham also made special mention of Al-Rawi’s mother Diane Seukeran, a former MP for San Fernando West.

When Newsday visited, workers were busying building her home as well as several others.

Photo by Lincoln Holder

The project allows homeowners to obtain a tenancy agreement for 99 years for their homes.

A male resident, who did not want to give his name, said residents have no complaints about the project.

“We are grateful for it. Everything is going nice, and we are getting work too. Only if the rains fall like now, it hampers the work. In this area alone, workers built more than ten houses.”

At the sod-turning ceremony in July, Al-Rawi said the project was one of many targeted by the government to revive the constituency.

The two-storey starter homes allow homeowners to further develop the properties.

One of the homes being built in Bayshore, Marabella. - Lincoln Holder


"Residents pleased with promised Bayshore, Marabella housing project"

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