PM, allow in-house dining once more

THE EDITOR: Like many other Trinis, on Saturday I awaited the covid19 briefing from the Prime Minister to hear what changes he made regarding to reopening of the economy. I must say I was extremely disappointed restaurants were not allowed to return to in-house dining.

I recognise it is a delicate balancing act the Government must undertake to determine which parts of the economy can be reopened based on its analyses. However, the people at the bottom of the economic ladder are once again being asked to “hold strain.” How much longer can they do so? Most of the people working in this sector live month to month, struggling to make ends meet.

How are they supposed to sustain themselves? Where are they to get money to maintain themselves and their families? And most of them were already struggling before the pandemic.

Many calls were made for ministers to take a salary cut, to share in the burden of adjustment, but not even a five per cent cut was considered. Where is the equity in sharing of the burden? Elected officials placed in office by the electorate refuse to make any financial adjustment, but the poor man is being asked to forego their entire salary.

The salary relief grant is no longer available. Public servants are still receiving their salaries even though some of them are said to be refusing to return to work despite warnings from the Prime Minister.

I implore the Prime Minister and all government officials to do the right thing. Mr PM, please reconsider your decision and allow in-house dining in restaurants, even if at 50 per cent capacity.


La Romaine


"PM, allow in-house dining once more"

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