Diego Martin robbery suspect held, fake gun seized

Minutes after he stole a car, cash and cellphone, a Diego Martin man was found and arrested, a police media release on Tuesday reported.

The release said a man was driving his Toyota Corolla along the Diego Martin Main Road, near Savannah No 1, on Monday when he was stopped by a man who asked to be dropped off at Rich Plain Road, Diego Martin.

The driver agreed, but as he reached Covigne Road corner, the passenger pulled out a gun and announced a robbery. He took a quantity of cash and the driver's cellphone.

The bandit told the driver to drive to Gokool Street, Diego Martin, where he took his car and drove away.

The driver made a report to the police and PCs Kirby and Pierre of the West End Patrol drove to School Street, Diego Martin, where they arrested the suspect.

The vehicle was also found and a fake gun, believed to have been used in the robbery, was seized.

West End police are continuing enquiries.


"Diego Martin robbery suspect held, fake gun seized"

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