PNM Tobago screens for 6 electoral districts

Nominee Joel Jack gives a thumbs up after meeting with the screening committee. Jack was the only nominee screened for the Bacolet/Mt St George district.  -
Nominee Joel Jack gives a thumbs up after meeting with the screening committee. Jack was the only nominee screened for the Bacolet/Mt St George district. -

The PNM Tobago Council on Sunday screened nominees in six of the 12 electoral districts for the upcoming THA election.

The exercise, which began at 1 pm, was held at the PNM’s campaign headquarters at Pump Mill, Scarborough.

Nominee Carl Mc-Ewen after screening for the Bethel/Mt Irvine district. - Ayanna Kinsale

Some 12 nominees appeared before the party’s screening committee, headed by political leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine.

Davidson-Celestine, the Secretary for Health, Wellness and Family Development, was unopposed for the Lambeau/Signal Hill seat.

Assemblyman Shomari Hector walks to meet the PNM screening committee after he was nominated for the Bethel/Mt Irvine district. -

The line-up of nominees featured a mix of new and experienced politicians.

Sherridan Kirk, who is hoping to win the Goodwood/Belle Garden electoral district, said the process leading up to the screening was smooth.

“I believe it was a very transparent process because we had some abilities to even state our case to the party groups,” he told reporters.

Kirk is one of four nominees hoping to get the nod of the screening committee to contest the seat in the election.

He is hoping his longstanding involvement in community work will give him the edge.

Sherridan Kirk waves to the media before being screened by the PNM on Sunday for the Belle Garden/Goodwood district. -

“So, the real motivation would have come from the community themselves.

“They would have motivated me to stand up and do the work of three people and represent them because they believe I am a good representative for the area. I am doing the work of the people for the people.”

Boxil Bailey, a first-timer in the election race, was also screened for the Goodwood/Belle Garden seat.

He described his experience before the screening committee as “great.”

Nominee Boxil Bailey met with the PNM screening committee on Sunday ahead of THA elections. -

“I am just hoping to be the representative for the community as the candidate and once that happen, the media could always look at me for any questions,” he said.

Bailey said his passion for community work motivated him to enter politics.

Speyside/L’Anse Fourmi/Parlatuvier hopeful Soren Nicholas Bishop told reporters he was quizzed on his involvement in community work.

A physical education teacher at Scarborough Secondary School, Bishop is the president of Mercury Athletic Club and a member of the Northside Farmers’ Association.

Bishop said former chief secretary Orville London is one of his mentors.

“Being a former teacher himself and looking at the way in which her carried about himself in politics inspired me to get into politics.”

Asked about his chances, Bishop said: “I don’t want to be too overly confident. I leave that in the hands of the screening committee.”

Assistant Secretary in the Division of Tourism, Culture and Transportation Shomari Hector, hoping to retain the Bethel/Mt Irvine seat, described his screening process as pleasant.

Nominee Soren Bishop give a thumbs up after meeting with the PNM screening committee at Pump Mill, Scarborough, Sunday. PHOTOS BY AYANNA KINSALE -

“It was unlike the narrative that was surrounding conversations held in the media. It was conversational and not a crucifixion party,” he said.

“The tenor of the discussions, the climate created in the room was one that really facilitated comfortable exchanges as we would have been interviewed.

“I feel very confident that I was not the only one to benefit from that kind of cordiality.”

Ricardo Warner was also screened for the seat.

Secretary for Finance and the Economy Joel Jack was screened unopposed in the Bacolet/Mt St George while Secretary for Settlements, Urban Renewal and Public Utilities Clarence Jacob and Dominque Kerr were screened for the Canaan/Bon Accord electoral district.


"PNM Tobago screens for 6 electoral districts"

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