Save us from those amateur news anchors

THE EDITOR: I don’t understand what is happening at local television stations with their choices for news presenters these days.

Perhaps, they feel they ought to be commended for giving members of their newsroom staff the chance to present the nightly news on occasions. But, my God, being a television reporter is no qualification for being a news anchor! Each requires different skills.

On TV6, Urvashi Tewarie and Anselm Gibbs seem like nice enough young reporters (although I can’t recall any significant story either has done), but do we, the viewers, have to be subjected to their incredibly amateur newsreading styles.

At CNC3, the emphasis seems to be more on glamour, giggles and superficiality than on substance and credibility. Well, except for Khamal Georges who, thankfully, avoids the theatre and theatrics of the wildly egotistical Akash Samaroo.

To make matters worse, there are now newspaper reporters presenting television news stories in some contrived role as “multimedia journalists.” Apparently, media owners are more concerned about spending less on salaries than spending more on training.

TTT Ltd has the most boring of all stand-in news anchors. They perform no better than robots programmed to deliver state-sanctioned information. No personality, no style, just blah!

TV superiors like the late Dale Kolasingh and Bobby Thomas must be rolling in their graves at the current batch of news presenters replete with mispronunciations, malapropisms, and misplaced informality.

Whatever happened to Dominic Kalipersad? We sit up and listen to him. He has the respect and credibility that TV news needs to return it to pride of place. Bring back Dominic!

Thankfully, I can stop watching TV and rely on Newsday to get my news.


Retired school principal

San Fernando


"Save us from those amateur news anchors"

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