SRP shoots constable during lime in Sangre Grande

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A LIME on Saturday night at a house in Sangre Grande, attended by several people including two police officers, ended in violence with one officer shooting to other in the leg with his licensed gun.

According to police, at about 11 pm, a 31-year-old Special Reserve Police officer who works at the Gender Based Violence Unit's Eastern Division office reported that he was liming at the home of a 49-year-old woman at Quash Trace in Sangre Grande withseveral people, including a 30-year-old constable who is based at the Police Training Academy in St James.

During the lime, the constable was having a conversation over the SRP's sister, whom the former had a previous relationship. The constable, police said, became agitated and armed himself with a knife, which he held to the SRP's neck.

The SRP pushed away the constable, who then grabbed a shovel and advanced towards the SRP who took out his gun and fired a shot, hitting him in the upper right leg.

The SRP then escaped by climbing over the perimeter wall, since the front gate was locked, and contacted the Sangre Grande Police Station.

A team of officers led by ASP Joseph and including WPC Charles, PC Roberts, PC Thomas, Cpl Guy and Ag Cpl Osuna visited the scene. The wounded officer was taken to the Sangre Grande District Hospital, where he was treated and discharged.

Investigators have since seized a spent shell, a knife and a Glock pistol loaded with 14 rounds of 9mm ammunition. The scene was processed by Crime Scene Investigators WPC Berkley and PC Mahabir. ASP Jankie is continuing investigations.


"SRP shoots constable during lime in Sangre Grande"

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