Six weeks left to complete Hackshaw probe

ACP Irwin Hackshaw. -
ACP Irwin Hackshaw. -

DISCIPLINARY proceedings against ACP Irwin Hackshaw, who has been suspended from active duty in an related criminal probe, must be completed within six weeks.

Acting Police Commissioner Mc Donald Jacob on Friday confirmed the proceedings began but could not say what stage the matter was at. He said acting DCP Anthony James, who was appointed to investigate the allegation that Hackshaw was moonlighting as a security consultant without the approval of the CoP while on vacation, may take some weeks to complete the matter.

Hackshaw is scheduled to retire on November 30, the day before his 60th birthday.

Once he retires, the disciplinary proceedings becomes void.

On October 1, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith, who left on Friday for a two-week vacation and medical check-up in Europe, said he appointed James to preside over disciplinary proceedings against Hackshaw.

The Police Complaints Authority (PCA) found there was a case for Hackshaw to answer in connection with claims that he collected over $2 million from a group of business people while on vacation.

In March, the PCA launched two separate investigations against Hackshaw, who was then acting as a Deputy Commissioner of Police.

One investigation focused on Hackshaw working as a security consultant since 2014 for a number of businesses without the approval of acting police commissioners Stephen Williams and Harold Phillip. This led to the disciplinary action against Hackshaw.

The other investigation focussed on possible criminal misconduct in accepting the money and depositing over $2 m in his personal bank accounts which he claimed was solicited to off-set the costs of official police functions.

A similar probe by the police lead by ACP William Nurse found there was insufficient evidence to charge Hackshaw with any offence.

In July, Griffith said he could not initiate disciplinary proceedings against Hackshaw because Hackshaw was the most senior officer in the police service, second to the commissioner, and as a result could not be subjected to a tribunal by a junior officer. He later changed his position when he appointed James to hear the matter.

In relation to the PCA's findings into the criminal probe, an inspector has also been assigned to investigate Hackshaw for alleged criminal misconduct. In September, Hackshaw was suspended in accordance with the PCA’s recommendation in relation to the criminal probe.


"Six weeks left to complete Hackshaw probe"

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