Enforce covid19 protocols

THE EDITOR: Fifty positive cases and one death per day were the numbers described as the “limit” for which further loosening of restrictions and lockdown measures can be considered. If we keep within that limit, the question on my mind is: what happens if the numbers spike again?

There are enough people and businesses in the country that still do not consistently adhere to the protocols that would likely contribute to another spike in the future.

While the police should be commended for their ongoing efforts relating to the responsible movement of citizens in the public domain, who or what institutional body is ensuring that businesses adhere to the protocols? Is it the police service?

When the number of cases previously increased, swift action to restrict various types of businesses was the primary answer. If businesses are to adhere to the new normal, the Government must have the new normal governance in place.

We have the Ministry of Health and OSHA that are responsible for health and safety, yet billions of dollars have already been spent in an attempt to buffer the economic effects of covid19.

Perhaps the Government should focus and reallocate some of those funds towards expanding resources within the ministry and OSHA, thereby enabling more authorised officials to actively enforce and hold businesses accountable to compliance of the protocols. Otherwise, without enforceability, what makes us think that the positive cases won’t rise again?

Nothing is achieved without accountability.


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"Enforce covid19 protocols"

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