Slow work on Sando waterfront project

THE EDITOR: Very much like getting the scraps from Massa’s table, San Fernandians continue to get bits and pieces of information on the progress of the waterfront project from official sources.

As for the much touted construction of the coastal wall by a Cuban contractor, the project has now seemingly being reduced to the sloping of the coastline to the water’s edge and packing with stones.

This seems to be being done by a local contractor whose equipment has been seen digging and grading in the area. This type of coastal protection is called riprap, where small stones have to be set in concrete as only large stones can stand on their own.

The work so far seems to have been the removal of the top surface of the shoulder of the road and replacement with gravel that is compacted, presumably for top-surfacing with material that is unknown at this time. The preparation of the shoulder has continued to the boatyard. There is also some work being done with permanent structures from the Hatters panyard area and box-drain work on the opposite side.

Despite the announcement last October that the PTSC garage was 90 per cent removed, today it is 100 per cent still there and all squatters alongside Lady Hailes Avenue are still in place. There are no known attempts at removing these permanent squatters, some of whom have concrete houses.

The main area of the waterfront – the Fish Market and San Carlos Plaza areas – remains untouched, presumably until 2030 as advertised on the project board.

I am afraid San Fernandians still have a very long wait on any meaningful progress with this project.


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"Slow work on Sando waterfront project"

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