I did not tell Padarath that

THE EDITOR: On October 12 Barry Padarath, during his contribution to the budget, complained to the parliamentary sitting that he was informed by me, as the sitting minister of education in 2016, that the Prime Minister told the Cabinet that the Princes Town Presbyterian No1 Primary School was not a priority for rebuilding.

I would hate to think that the Member of Parliament for Princes Town has pronounced a deliberate fabrication in my absence so I attribute his words to failing memory on the issue. I wish to set the records straight here.

In the first instance, I never met with Padarath and the PTA as suggested by the MP in his presentation. Furthermore, the words attributed to me were never uttered. The only interaction I have had with Padarath on this issue was my reply to questions he posed to me in Parliament, where I advised that the Princes Town Presbyterian Primary School No1 was a denominational school and any decision to rebuild the school must have the concurrence of the Presbyterian Board.

I categorically deny ever stating that the Prime Minister informed the Cabinet that the rebuilding of the Princes Town school was not a priority. This is a total fabrication. I suggest that Padarath makes a note of this release and keep it in his pocket for future reference.


former education minister


"I did not tell Padarath that"

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