Councillor happy as road repairs start in Rousillac

 - Lincoln Holder
- Lincoln Holder

UNC Otaheite/Rousillac councillor Javed Mohammed was happy on Wednesday as repairs on bad roads and drains at Grants Road, Rousillac, began as promised.

Mohammed said he was at the site.

"The area being targeted this morning is the most critical. The residents and commuters alike are very happy with what they are seeing thus far."

He added that he and fellow UNC Mon Desir councillor Deryck Bowrin will monitor the work as it progresses.

Mohammed said,"It is sad that residents have to resort to actions like this to get this government to listen to their cries."

The residents blocked the road last Thursday and on Monday to highlight their concerns.

Mohammed said neither he nor Bowrin sought to politicise this situation in any way, at any time. He said their only objective is to represent all their burgesses and improve the quality of their daily lives.


"Councillor happy as road repairs start in Rousillac"

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