After Fyzabad fire: life in hell on Easy Street

 - Lincoln Holder
- Lincoln Holder

He lives on Easy Street, but that's just a cruel joke.

For the past five months, 61-year-old Marcelle Moreno of Fyzabad has been living in a makeshift tent after his home burnt down.

“This is me at this age and have nowhere to go...People pass by and see a tent and think is just a tent with old stuff.

"But this is where I live and it is a life of hell.”

A police report said on May 9, Moreno had left his home to cut a lawn. While he was on the way there, a neighbours stopped him and said his house was on fire.

“I ran back home and by the time I got there, my house was burnt to the ground.

"I could not understand why and how this happened when I am very careful and always secure my appliances.

"I held my head, screaming, as I watched my house in ashes.”

Moreno later learned the cause was a bush fire nearby.

He said since then life has been a struggle every day.

“When it rains, I get wet when the breeze blows the tent. All I could do is find a corner in the tent where I would not get as much wet. I still end up getting wet. It is not a nice feeling to sleep on a wet bed and wet clothes.

- Lincoln Holder

"Every day I pray for health and strength.”

Showing several documents, Moreno said he has also been to the Self Help Commission in hte hope of getting a grant to build a new home.

“It is not much, but at least I would have a place to rest my head on comfortable and not have to worry when it is going to rain or about the bugs and insects that come into the tent at night.”

He is still awaiting feedback from the commission.

"I don't know who else to turn to, I really don't. I just can't stay living in this tent much longer. I am begging, please, anyone. Please help me."

Moreno does not have a cellphone. Anyone wishing to help him can call Newsday;s San Fernando office at 607- 4929.

- Lincoln Holder


"After Fyzabad fire: life in hell on Easy Street"

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