UK MP: Stranded TT nationals 'terrified, burning through savings'

File photo by Sureash Cholai
File photo by Sureash Cholai

A British MP says that Trinidad and Tobago nationals in the United Kingdom are “burning through their savings” and were terrified of failing to get home.

Government MP for Wycombe Steve Baker raised the matter in the House of Commons on Tuesday on behalf of TT nationals in his constituency.

Responding to questions, UK Foreign Office Minister Wendy Morton advised TT nationals in the UK to contact the high commission in London.

Baker said, “I have got TT residents or citizens in my constituency burning through their savings, really terrified about failing to get home to protect their homes and their businesses from approaching severe weather.

“Can I ask the minister if she will join me in calling on TT to make sure their citizens get home? I think it’s our common humanity to enable people to return to protect their homes.”

Morton said the TT government closed its borders on March 22 because of covid19 and they remained closed.

“Consular support for TT nationals remains the responsibility of their government,” she said.

Morton added that the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) was in close contact with the TT authorities.

She added, “My honourable friend makes a very important point in relation to people who are in his constituency.

“The FCDO  has alerted the TT High Commission to cases of stranded TT nationals that we have been made aware of and supported affected individuals to contact the high commission directly. It’s also important to say that we have regular contact with our counterparts in TT,” she added.


"UK MP: Stranded TT nationals ‘terrified, burning through savings’"

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