No say in bmobile upgrades

THE EDITOR: I had a post-paid plan and after having completed the obligatory two-year contract, bmobile “upgraded” without any choice in the matter.

It raised my bill by almost $50 a month. From $180 VAT-included to $225 VAT-included.

When the covid19 pandemic reduced income for many of us, I switched to bmobile’s lowest post-paid option, the Lite plan. This plan was $99 plus VAT, or $112.

Today, only three months into that new plan with another obligatory contract for two years’ service, I received a text message telling me that from November 1 my plan will now be “upgraded” from $99 plus VAT to $129 plus VAT. Of course, I am told by the customer service reps that I have to remain on the two-year obligatory service.

Customers are given no choice in any of these upgrades. Bmobile has simply decided to change what it charges customers each month and inform them after the decision is taken.

I will not be taking another post-paid plan and will avoid its other services as long as other options are available.


Port of Spain


"No say in bmobile upgrades"

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