Cunupia FC withdraw claim against TTFA

Cunupia FC coach Michael De Four -
Cunupia FC coach Michael De Four -

TT PRO League club Cunupia FC have withdrawn their legal claim against the ousted TT Football Association (TTFA) executive, led by William Wallace.

The notice of withdrawal was filed by Cunupia FC’s attorney Peter Taylor at the High Court’s registrar on Tuesday.

Cunupia FC recently filed an affidavit, which challenged Wallace’s failure to meet FIFA’s final deadline of 3 pm, on September 23, to withdraw a legal challenge against the global governing body.

Wallace and his team did in fact withdraw their challenge against FIFA, but two minutes past the stipulated deadline. As a result, FIFA, on September 24, decided to suspend TT from international matches and club competitions, in violation of their statutes.

Cunupia FC coach Michael De Four, in a recent Newsday report, indicated that the suspension from FIFA has cost the club approximately $4.5 million of investment.

According to Taylor, “The claimant (Cunupia FC) had a conversation and it was felt that, in all of the circumstances, the best thing to do at this point was to ‘keep the gun powder dry’ because we’re still of the view that things may change with respect to the position of FIFA.

“To the extent that we can’t quantify the estimated future loss, it may well have been the proper position, legally, to take at this point in time to see how things unfold,” Taylor added.

The former parliamentarian said, “The club is satisfied that they were able to win a moral victory in a sense because they were able to highlight the ill-advised decision of the leadership of the TTFA to not observe the majority vote that was taken (on September 22) to withdraw the claim.”

Regarding the monies Cunupia FC were seeking, Taylor mentioned, “They are waiting to see how the matter unfolds, whether there is going to be any new position taken by the TTFA and, if in fact, that continues and there is a quantifiable loss, they still are open to make that claim at the appropriate time.”


"Cunupia FC withdraw claim against TTFA"

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