Beckles: Arima to be pilot 'smart city'

 Penelope Beckles - ROGER JACOB
Penelope Beckles - ROGER JACOB

HOUSING Minister and Arima MP Pennelope Beckles-Robinson said Arima will be used as the pilot for the ministry's first "smart city."

She made the announcement while contributing to the budget debate in the House on Tuesday.

She said there is a commitment to adapting to an understanding of new housing developments beyond securing the basic human right to shelter. She reported there is a proposal in the works for a smart city design within an urban sustainable-development model.

"And using this model, the ministry could provide solutions that are available and resilient to continuous change."

Beckles explained "smart cities" use digital technology to transform and improve environmental, financial and social aspects of urban life.

"They have been launched in many parts of the world. The ministry will adopt and implement integrated policies and plans towards inclusion, resource efficiency, mitigation and adaptation to climate change, as well as resilience to disasters."

On her constituency of Arima she said it has seen significant growth with the opening of the new state-of-the-art hospital.

"Continuing with this progressive thrust, I have a vision of bringing along Arima as the first pilot smart city, in line with the digital transformation strategy of the TT government and the innovative urban-development strategies."

She said smart cities are an inclusive space which thrives on interconnectivity as an engine for creating a better quality of life for the whole community within the framework of sustainable development.

She also spoke about the Bayshore South Marabella settlement and said the ministry proposed to replace dilapidated housing structures and relocate families where redevelopment cannot be achiever. She said this would result in the construction of 130 residential units, 50 along the existing Marabella train line and 80 in a newly built development.


"Beckles: Arima to be pilot ‘smart city’"

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