Sinanan: 50 per cent of TT road network 'fair to poor'

Rohan Sinanan
Rohan Sinanan

HALF the country's roads are in a "fair to poor" condition, Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan has told Parliament.

He was contributing to the budget debate in the House on Tuesday.

He said a road conditions survey is done every three years (he did not say when the last survey was completed) and had found that approximately 50 per cent of the road network was in a fair to poor condition.

He said in fiscal 2021 the Programme for Upgrading Roads Efficiency will do preventative maintenance, paving and minor rehabilitation of sections in poor condition. He added this work will be based on the availability of funding.

Sinanan said the ministry will strengthen its collaboration with the Water and Sewerage Authority to allow for greater synergies and a more proactive approach to road maintenance.

He also said cleaning drains and culverts and repairing damaged manholes will receive significant attention in fiscal 2021.

He reported 62 bridges have been identified for repair and rehabilitation and the work will include improved drainage and enhanced lighting.

He said for fiscal 2021 16 bridges will be built and the award of contracts for 12 more completed. He also reported work will be done on 259 landslips.


"Sinanan: 50 per cent of TT road network ‘fair to poor’"

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