Rousillac road repairs to start on Wednesday

Photo by Lincoln Holder
Photo by Lincoln Holder

WORK to repair bad roads and drains at Grants Road, Rousillac is scheduled to begin on Wednesday.

This was disclosed on Tuesday by UNC Otaheite/Rousillac councillor Javed Mohammed.

He told Newsday, "We met with the director of the Ministry of Works and got the assurance, work will start tomorrow."

Residents have been holding demonstrations over the poor conditions of roads and drainage in the area.

On Monday, they protested again, complaining that their concerns were not being addressed. A resident named Devin said they were prepared to continue if the situation is not remedied.

He said the protests were not politically motivated.

"This is not a violent community. The people are just fed up," he explained.

Last Thursday the Works and Transport Ministry said work was supposed to begin last week but had to be pushed back because of the weather.

On Friday, La Brea MP and Labour Minister Stephen McClashie said he was hoping to meet with the residents to discuss their situation.


"Rousillac road repairs to start on Wednesday"

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